2009-12-21 15:23:44 by YoMamsJokes45

Hello, I am going to commit suicide on New Years now, and I appreciate the comments that people send me, but nothing can change my mind.


2009-12-09 21:04:34 by YoMamsJokes45

After everything that happened... I decided to kill myself. I am serious. My life is horrible. I am african american and I live in a gang neighboorhood. I live with drugs and alchool everyday. I pass it on, knowing that I go to a great school and someday that I will pass it and go to Brown U. and get above those in my neighboorhood my carrer choice is Game Design. I have made a RPG using RPG Maker VX, but I thought that was too easy considering they basically do it for you.So I tried flash, but I just suck. My parents are crackheads and I live with a foster home. My father recently was shot at a near by gas station. My mother is still alive but it won't be long 'till she dies too. All I had was my carrer choice and that is over. so I will be commiting suicide on December 20th @ 12:00 pm. I will not post anything after that but I won't shut down my account, as a reminder to those who have made crappy flash to keep on going, but its over for me.

I give up!

2009-12-05 14:26:21 by YoMamsJokes45

Every time I post a flash submit, it gets blammed, I think i'm just gonna give up with it. I try and try and try, but it always get blammed and that sucks. So I thinking about giving ups about putting flash on newgrounds, and I'm also tired of people putting a whole bunch of crap reviews on them too! So I'm Giving up entirely, but I will continue to make art might stop making audio, cause they also get low scores on them too, and sometimes they also have crap reviews. SO IM STOPING!

My Flash & My New Websites

2009-12-04 07:06:36 by YoMamsJokes45

I just posted Stickman Shoot'em up, so look for that here.
I have created a drawing website that all can see at .
I have also created a gaming website as an expansion at .
If you want more information on these websites, go to them and SIGN UP! It is real fun I promise, well not yet because I only have one member, but when more people join it will be super cool.

New Flash Coming up...

2009-11-25 17:33:41 by YoMamsJokes45

Yeah it's true, but I got banned for putting 2 blammed in one day sooo. (I didnt know)

You gotta wait and it's a simple shooter very very very simple shoot a guy he dies and he respwans thats all, but please don't knock it.

Okay, in the song As I Sleep... that is my brother and my sister singing, I made the music and all of the other loops.

Dark Guitar
Smooth Piano

All of my loops will have a adjective and then the instrument that I used, sometimes I may say garage band because I can't play everything, so I use the mac application garage band.

Also I'm canceling My Daily Post because it's a real pain in the ass to write stuff everyday.

My Music and Cancel for Daily Post

My Daily Log #2

2009-11-17 16:56:36 by YoMamsJokes45

I'm feeling better today. I got a date with my girlfriend Jasmine for saturday. She wasn't having her period, so I said yes. The thing about her is that she acts super crazy and is really mean in period time, it's like she is pregnant,!o.0! Maybe I should check? Well, back to the date. She wants to go see that movie, The Blind Side, with Sandra Bullock. I said i wanted to too. I have a important project due in school tomorrow, but I'M READY FOR IT! Kay, that's it for today. It's nothing else I could talk about that couldn't kill you from boredom.

My Daily Log #1

2009-11-16 20:58:27 by YoMamsJokes45

The first day on NG. I'm feeling kinda evil. I was on the computer for like the whole **** day trying to find a good sexually game. I found a few by... um, actually I'm not sure? But, I do know this person made the Meet 'n' F*** series. The reason I'm feeling bad is because it's this **** guy, named... uh, **** I cannot remember **** today. If I remember I will tell you all. Kay, I think that will be it for tonight, I will post stuff like this daily, but I might miss some days.

My Daily Log #1